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In addition to products we manufacture, we import high quality Klaro car care products, and German Herbamedicus lotions and creams, for which we have had excellent customer feedback for years, as well as high-class sponge cloths, sponges and cleaning tools by Arix.

Liquid Soaps

Liquid soaps made of gentle new generation ingredients for hands and body. An unscented option is also available.

Ruususaippua, 3L

Omenasaippua, 3L

Hedelmäsaippua, 3L

Sitruunasaippua, 3L

Saunasaippua, 3L

Tuoksuton saippua, 3L

Laventelisaippua, 3L

Liquid Pine Soaps

This truly is nature’s own all-purpose cleaner! Applications include, for example, carpet washing, cleaning bathroom tiles, oven cleaning, sauna cleaning and even removing chewing gum from textiles. Available in packages of 1, 2, 3 or 5 litres and in larger 200-litre barrels and 1,000-litre containers.

Mäntysaippua, 1L

Mäntysaippua, 2L

Mäntysaippua, 3L

Mäntysaippua, 5L

All-Purpose Cleaners

Yleispuhdistusaine - Sitruuna, 1L

Scent and cleaning power from real fruit. A natural all-purpose cleaner for all water resistant surfaces.

Yleispuhdistusaine - Appelsiini, 1L

Scent and cleaning power from real fruit. A natural all-purpose cleaner for all water resistant surfaces.

Yleispuhdistusaine - Eucalyptus, 1L

Scent and cleaning power from real fruit. A natural all-purpose cleaner for all water resistant surfaces.

Yleispuhdistusaine - Mänty, 1L

An easy-to-use, all-purpose cleaner for all surfaces at home. Effective cleaning even for difficult dirt and grease stains.

Sauna Cleaners

Saunan Pesuaine, 1L

Natural cleanliness. A fresh and effective cleaning agent for all sauna surfaces. The effectiveness of the product is partly based on the use of authentic natural ethereal eucalyptus oil, which also acts as a disinfectant. Prevents the formation of lime deposits. The pH of the undiluted product is 10.

Floor Cleaning Detergents

Puu+Laminaatti pesuaine, 1L

An effective cleaning agent for wooden and laminate floors. Use: Apply the diluted solution to the floor with a cloth or a mop and then wipe with a moist clean cloth. The pH is approximately 10.

Laundry Conditioners


Wau Color liquid laundry detergent thoroughly cleans coloured textiles. The product has a pleasant scent and comes in a cheerful pink colour.


Unscented and colourless. A gentle yet effective liquid laundry detergent.


For both coloured and white fabrics.


SOFT huuhtelutiiviste

Fresh, Apple, Unscented, Lavender, 1L. A lasting concentrate that makes 3 litres of fabric conditioner. Softens the laundry, giving it a fresh scent.

Soft huuhteluaine

Fresh, Unscented, Peach, Apple, 2L. A ready-to-use fabric conditioner, that gives the laundry a pleasant scent and softness.

Blix huuhteluaine

Blue, Pink, 4L. A mildly scented, ready-to-use fabric conditioner suitable even for larger households. Available in Blue or Pink.

Pyykkietikka Bergamot-Lime

The product is used instead of fabric conditioner. 0.5–1 cap per load softens and freshens the laundry and it also keeps the washing machine and the plumbing clean. A natural product.

Removes odours and can be used for washing technical sports textiles. Diluted laundry vinegar can also be used as an excellent all-purpose cleaner for the home or as ironing water for a steam iron.

The options include Vanilla, Bergamot-Lime and Pure Linen.

Dishwashing Detergents

TEHO astianpesuaine

Unscented, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Apple, 750ml. Washing-up liquid infused with natural oils. Fresh scent.

Domestic Chemicals


WC Kloori – Sitruuna, Mänty, Raikas, 1L

A toilet seat cleaning gel that temporarily sticks to the edges to remove dirt.

Putkireiska - Putkenavaaja

A fast solution for clogged drains, dissolving biological waste and soap residue.

Kloori - Raikas, Männynraikas, 1L

Available in Fresh and Pine Fresh scents. Cleans the sanitary and sauna facilities as well as the cleaning equipment and removes unpleasant odours. Can be used for bleaching and removing stains from white laundry.

Sauna Scents

Löylytuoksut - Eucalyptus, 500ml & 1L

Pour some of the sauna fragrance into the water bucket to complement your sauna experience with the fresh scent of eucalyptus.

Löylytuoksut - Tervainen, 500ml & 1L

Pour some of the sauna fragrance into the water bucket to complement your sauna experience with the scent of a traditional smoke sauna.


Avec-shampoo - Puolukka, Mustikka, Omena, Muna-Egg, Oliivi, 1L

The Avec product family consists of four shampoos that contain panthenol, plant-based glycerine and authentic natural extracts, such as blueberry, olive leaf, lingonberry and egg yolk extracts. The product family is complemented by the Apple conditioner, containing moisturising LACTO lactic acid.

Tervashampoo, 500ml

Tar Shampoo suits all hair types and its effectiveness is based on Finnish pine tar and other carefully selected ingredients. Tar Shampoo treats and soothes the scalp and effectively prevents dandruff.

Magic Sponge eraser

Foxtel Ihmesieni

This super-efficient cleanser also effectively removes even the toughest stains from hard surfaces. Use the Magic Sponge to quickly and easily clean various surfaces at home, such as tiling, tile joints, porcelain, various household appliance surfaces, glass, window frames, plastic garden furniture, doors, fireplace doors, kitchen worktops and ceramic stoves.

Herbamedicus lotions and creams


Contains arnica oil that protects the skin. Can be applied to the entire body. Contains arnica oil.

Viininlehti & Hevoskastanja

Relaxes and warms strained limbs. Contains vine leaf extract and horse chestnut. Not to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding!

Devils Claw Root - Yrttivoide

Relaxes tense muscles. Contains the root extract of a plant that grows in the South African savannah.


A nurturing skin cream that moisturises the face and whole body during day and night. Contains the perfect mix of lipids and olive oil.


The unscented, lasting lotion protects and softens the skin.

Aloe Vera - Geelivoide

Moisturises and regenerates the skin. Contains Aloe Barbadensis extract.

Herbasan yrttivoide

The refreshing yet relaxing cream contains camphor, rosemary, lavender and arnica. Not to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding!


Softens stressed and tense skin. Provides relief for sunburnt skin. Contains sea buckthorn berry extract.

Herbamedicus Glucosamin Skin Creme

The Herbamedicus glucosamine skin cream contains many valuable components, such as olive oil, shea butter, arnica extract and camphor. It is suitable for the daily care of muscles and joints.

Herbamedicus Bear Skin Balm, karhuvoide 250 ml

Among other ingredients it contains arnica, chamomile and chilli pepper. It warms, relaxes and removes muscle tension.


Suojaa rohtunutta, kuivaa ihoa lapsilla sekä varttuneilla.

Tuotenumero: 306560
Myyntierä: 12kpl


Revives and relaxes strained muscles after physical exercise, for example.
Use: rub on skin (muscles, joints and tendons).
Contains camphor, Arnica Montana extract and menthol.
Also suitable for horses.

Urheilu/Hevosvoide HOT

Warms and relaxes the muscles, relieves muscle ache and tension.
Use: rub on skin (muscles, joints and tendons).
Contains arnica, camphor, chilli pepper and rosemary.
May cause temporary redness of the skin.
Also suitable also for horses, but it should not used before racing.