The Company – Foxtel

The Company

Foxtel Oy is a Finnish family business manufacturing and importing cosmetic, hygienic and cleaning products. Our own products are manufactured in Finland, in Orivesi, where our production plant, warehouse and head office are also located. The company is among the largest cleaning product manufacturers in Finland. Our values are Finnishness and domestic labour, and they are in an important role in the company’s everyday operations.


Foxtel was founded in Kangasala, Finland, in 1996. In the beginning, the company had only one bottling machine and business premises of 1,300 square metres. It employed four people and imported approximately 20 different products.

In 2003, the company grew and moved to larger premises in Orivesi, approximately 35 km from Kangasala. The size of Foxtel’s business premises grew to 6,000 square metres, and the company now had two bottling machines. The number of personnel had doubled, and the number of imported products had increased from 20 to 700.

In 2016, the company’s revenue exceeded 3 million euros and it had eight bottling machines. It expanded its production facilities to be able to meet the increased demand. The number of personnel had kept growing, and the company employed 12 professionals.

Nowadays Foxtel’s revenue is approximately 3.5 million euros and its market area covers Estonia, Sweden and Russia in addition to Finland. On its eight production lines, the company produces approximately 50 different products. The company produces more than 3 million litres of liquid soap annually, and it is only one of the products in the range. A remarkable number of the products the company produces are “Private Label” products.